What is the best way to practice English calligraphy?

It is not recommended to practice English calligraphy simply for the purpose of taking exams rather than as a hobby or to develop the body and mind.

First of all, if you want to talk about English calligraphy, you must talk about round forms. The so-called round style is probably a generic term. It does not refer to a particular kind. There are many types in round style English.

For people who just want to write better in English, it is really not very realistic to wander through the whole posting. Hmm. Let me introduce it then, to sort of add to the general knowledge.


gothic (that is, gothic).

Italic (Italian title)


If you have to use it in everyday writing, Cursive is probably it. But it is not suitable for exams. One reason is that it requires several years of practice to form a mature font, however the teacher may not like it. I have suffered a great loss here.

Then the question arises, how to write a good-looking exam?

There are two options.

1- Practice handwriting.

Let’s give some information about it.

Handwriting information

PS: Handwritten print is also beautiful when written beautifully.

2- Learn the domestic round body (orchard).

Then bless you to write a good hand writing.

Thank you for reminding the comment section.The orchard forum posted the wrong picture. It is too long to find the picture at the time and it will not make up.

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