We provide services for weddings and events, and creates home good products.

We offer modern calligraphy
for your one of a kind needs.We offer stickers , decor , invitations, escort cards and every kind of stationery and signage imagineable.

When hosting a special event, that extra touch of elegance and style is desired. Jesilyn Kay Calligraphy offers services for invitations, menus, envelope addressing, event signage, seating charts, escort cards, logos, and every kind of stationery and signage imagineable.

Because each piece is so personalized, you can be sure it will be like no other design out there.

The wall decoration is important to hold the wedding. We have a variety of ways to decorate, one of the simpler and easier to do is wall stickers and floor stickers. This kind of floor wedding stickers are very durable. You can also use sticker to decorate the walls. Also to use a small sticker to decorate a variety of objects, such as wedding gifts cups, plates, gift boxes, flavor,etc. For affordable and easy wedding stickers, this local Sydney nursery decals site is a good source. Of course you can also do some DIY stuff if you have time and the machines, like printer and easy cutters. The webdding can be decorated with stickers easily.Here is a easy video on how to DIY weddign stickers

A tutorial on how to make stickers for wedding favors. I made this for my sister’s wedding and for my parent’s renewal of vows, so I thought why not share it with you guys on how I made this. This is good for beginner cricuters out there. 🙂

If you want a design of a wedding then this Wedding Logo Templates, here are some samples.Vintage Wedding Sticker;Printable Wedding Sticker; Floral Wedding Sticker; Colorful Boarder Wedding Sticker; Simple & Clear Wedding Sticker; Funny Wedding Sticker; Thankyou Wedding Sticker; Two Letters Wedding Sticker.

The boho floor stickers can add an elegant touch to the wedding favors. These square stickers are fully customizable. From wedding celebration to engagement party. Greenery love is sweet sticker is perfect for wedding favors and bags. Leave a special keepsake for your friends and family on your wedding day with this personalized monogram sticker.These rectangular stickers are fully customizable and can work for a myriad of occasions.

Add that extra wow to your wedding decoration with these personalized stickers. Gorgeous design featuring your names and wedding date as a frame and initials in a romantic typography. These round stickers are fully customizable. These customized clear ornaments frame stickers are the perfect finishing touch to any wedding stationery set.

This sticker design is the perfect accent to elevate your wedding invitations. You can choose the stickers to match the labels to your personal style or wedding theme.

The elegant stickers labels feature ornaments frame surrounding your names and wedding date in a stunning blend. Romantic, yet bold, these wedding stickers surely will be noticed.

Latest Ideas

We also love to provide custom calligraphy for those special memories- that favorite quote that got you through grad school, or your wedding vows you would like to frame over your bed. We can work together to create something special just for you.

Boy y’all what a week. I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes through different seasons of their careers/lives. Sometimes we feel like everything is great and we have so much passion and confidence for what we are doing. Then other weeks we feel like we can’t get out of bed because of the overwhelming self doubt, endless feeling like you’re not measuring up…on and on. That was one of those weeks for me. I’m not sure how they creep up on me or what I can do to prevent them but man are they a slam in the face when they show up. Does anybody else go through days/weeks/seasons like this? What do you do to combat/prevent these feelings?

I’ve only got a handful of these best sellers left, so they’re on sale in the Etsy shop until they sell out! After that I plan on creating them in a new coffee mug style, so if you like this eclectic diner look, better get them while you can! (There’s also ONE wifey coffee mug left.)☕️☕️☕️

We’ve been getting a sneak peak of fall here in #atx with some cool crisp mornings.🍁 Sadly, I don’t think they’re going to last for too long before the cold front leaves so I’m going to keep my windows open as long as I can. Has fall arrived already in your little corner of the world?! I’d love to live vicariously through you!🙂⠀

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